The cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) is the fourth protagonist of our series of species. It is a cephalopod that is widely distributed in the Canary Islands and in the southwest coast of Tenerife we can find it in multiple habitats.

It can often be found in the bottoms of the bays, camouflaging itself with the environment. It is one of the usual species in Atlantic Eco Diving activities.

The cuttlefish has an adaptation to reproduction in one of its arms to introduce the spermatophores in the body of the female. It’s called hectocotilus. Many cuttlefish only reproduce once in life.

It is one of the stars of our dives in Tenerife. Observe in this video some common patterns of their habitual behavior. Remember that removing the bottoms of shells and algae affects and produces mortality in their egg laying.

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