La Caleta


Multilevel dive from 20 meters to 6 meters deep. It is located in front of La Caleta de Adeje of Tenerife island

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and is accessed from the open sea after a navigation of about twenty minutes from our home harbor.

The bottom is very varied in ecosystems there are veriles “shelf” (large submarine very steep slopes), rocky islets and extensive sands of mineral origin and also of algae origin such as the Maerl which provide us with the great variety of living beings that we can find in this area.

Through the veril we can find several cavities, crevices and cornices that are usually populated by moray eels, anemones, lobsters, chuchos, big eyed fish, … an endless number of species that will enrich our dive. Medium level.

An unique experience with a highly quialified team.

Enjoy the interpretation of the marine environment with experts.

Enjoy with your family the ocean ecosystem in Tenerife

Level: intermediate. From 6m to 20 m deep

Info and Pricing

buceo para titulados en tenerife

50€descuento actividades de buceo


Aprox 2,5 horas tour

Salidas desde Puerto Colón en Costa Adeje.

Departure from Puerto Colón depending on weather conditions.

Schedule: 13:00 (everyday)

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Immersion for certified divers includes:

  • All the necessary material for immersion, neoprene suits, fins, masks, jackets …
  • Different stops on an interpretive tour to explain the environmental characteristics of the South of Tenerife.
  • Technology that will help to perceive nature with the 5 senses (cameras, interpretative cards …)
  • Appetizers and drinks

Human team experienced in conservation. Didactic material that will facilitate the recognition of underwater species. Directly observe processes of recovery of the marine environment.

One of the best boats adapted for diving around the south of Tenerife. On board the “Jacaré Uno” each corner is designed for the comfort of divers.

  • It is necessary to have previous experience and a diving license that credits this experience (dive LOG, PADI titles, FEDAS …).
  • It is highly recomended that if you have special sensitivity to sea sickness, take pills for sea sickness at least half an hour before boarding. The “Yacaré Uno” is a very stable and comfortable boat but there are people with high sensitivity. Do not let anything spoil your experience.
  • Sun protection is highly recommended.
David Novillo

David Novillo

Diving instructor with vast experience. Great connoisseur of the marine environment with great experience in recreational and scientific diving. Founder of the association Oceano Sostenible with great representation in the forums on conservation and biodiversity on the islands.

Guillermo Carrizo

Guillermo Carrizo

Boat skipper and diving instructor with more than thirty years of professional experience in both deep-sea oil platforms and recreational diving in Europe and America.
Passionate about sea life and enthusiastic teacher.

Melania Herrera

Melania Herrera

Licensed in nautical and captain of the merchant marine. Experienced patron of minor vessels. It stands out for its kindness and close treatment with our visitors and its great knowledge of the Canarian marine environment.

Misael Vargas

Misael Vargas

Biologist and PADI instructor with research experience in lemon shark marking.
Great lover of everything related to the marine environment.
Extensive experience as interpretive guide of the marine environment.

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Where we are

We are located in Puerto Colón (pontoon 4). Southwest coast of Tenerife.

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