Exciting first contact with nature. Our try dive is a first contact with the ocean guided and attended by professionals who are sensitive to the environment and great connoisseurs of the marine environment. You do not need any previous experience. Enter in shallow waters of the South of Tenerife. It will be your first inmersión in oceanic waters.

A try dive doesn’t need to be something passive and lacking of reelevance. Participate in the cleaning of seabed and recognize the species of fish and invertebrates that surround to you. Everything in a perfectly safe and controlled environment.

You will not only immerse yourself but also you will discover the natural values of the south coast of Tenerife. Help to restore the seabed with your underwater activity enjoying the scuva dive learning

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Where we are

We are located at Puerto Colon (Pantalan 4), in the South-western Coast of Tenerife Island.

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