Diving in the waters of southern Tenerife is one of the most transforming experiences you can have. It has all the necessary features to be accessible at all levels.

Beginners can enter the ocean for the first time with a self-contained breathing apparatus in a “Try Dive“. With Atlantic Eco Diving you will be guided by enthusiastic naturalists of the marine environment and they will also teach you to recognize underwater species and make the most of the experience with total safety. The diving is done from a boat perfectly adapted for this activity.

It is very important that our experience under water does not have a great impact on the fauna, so we will always reject any interaction that could harm the animals, such as feeding the fish or turtles.

For experienced divers with any license there are dives where diversity will leave you with your mouth open. Take a look at this video of our first dive of the year.

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Where we are

We are located at Puerto Colon (Pantalan 4), in the South-western Coast of Tenerife Island.

Atlantic Eco Diving