Inmersion pack for 40€/inmersion

30 € for residents in Canary Islands

Disfruta de la interpretación del medio marino con expertos.

Una experiencia única con un equipo altamente cualificado.

Offer of 4 inmersions or more for 40€/each (30€ Residents in Canary Islands)

An unique experience with a highly qualified team.

Observe the difference between different marine ecosystems.

Join us in very interesting research projects. Learn how to manage marine environment.

This licensed dive activity is specifically indicated for restless divers with the conservation of the marine environment and who want to get involved into the knowledge of the marine environment. The requirements that the diver must have are to be in possession of an official qualification that allows him/her to dive in open waters and he/she must have a valid diving insurance. Read More

Information and prices

buceo para titulados en tenerife


price/Adult for Pack inmersión (30€ for residents In Canary Islands)

Aprox 2,5 horas cada tour con inmersión

Salidas desde Puerto Colón en Costa Adeje.

Punto de buceo dependiente de las condiciones climáticas.

Horario: 9:00, 12:00 (cada día)

Descuento de residente no acumulable con otras ofertas)

Immersion for certified divers includes:

  • All the necessary material for immersion, neoprene suits, fins, masks, jackets …
  • Different stops on an interpretive tour to explain the environmental characteristics of the South of Tenerife.
  • Technology that will help to perceive nature with the 5 senses (cameras, interpretative cards …)
  • Appetizers and drinks

Human team experienced in conservation. Didactic material that will facilitate the recognition of underwater species. Directly observe processes of recovery of the marine environment.

One of the best boats adapted for diving around the south of Tenerife. On board the “Jacaré Uno” each corner is designed for the comfort of divers.

  • It is necessary to have previous experience and a diving license that credits this experience (dive LOG, PADI titles, FEDAS ...).
  • It is highly recomended that if you have special sensitivity to sea sickness, take pills for sea sickness at least half an hour before boarding. The “Yacaré Uno” is a very stable and comfortable boat but there are people with high sensitivity. Do not let anything spoil your experience.
  • Sun protection is highly recommended.
David Novillo

David Novillo

Diving instructor with vast experience. Great connoisseur of the marine environment with great experience in recreational and scientific diving. Founder of the association Oceano Sostenible with great representation in the forums on conservation and biodiversity on the islands.

Jerico Abreu

Jerico Abreu

Boat skipper and sea lover. Great sense of humor that makes people feel confortable from the first minute. Great connoisseur of the marine wildlife and canarian environment.

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We are located at Puerto Colon (Pantalan 4), in the South-western Coast of Tenerife Island.

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