Inmersions Pack


30€ for residents in Canary Islands

Offer of 4 inmersions or more for 40€/each (30€ Residents in Canary Islands)

Unique Experience

An unique experience with a highly qualified team

Observe the difference

Observe the difference between different marine ecosystems

Join us

Join us in very interesting research projects. Learn how to manage marine environment


This licensed dive activity is specifically indicated for restless divers with the conservation of the marine environment and who want to get involved into the knowledge of the marine environment. The requirements that the diver must have are to be in possession of an official qualification that allows him/her to dive in open waters and he/she must have a valid diving insurance.

Actively participate in the cleaning of sea beds and recognize the species of fish and invertebrates that surround you. Observe the difference between different marine ecosystems and how different species occupy different habitats.

Not only will you immerse yourself but you will discover the natural values of the south coast of Tenerife. Help to restore the seabed with your underwater activity.

The adventure will begin at the agreed time at the pontoon number two of Puerto Colón harbour in Costa Adeje. To enter this adventure our visitor must be in possession of a valid diving certificate (PADI, FEDAS …) and a valid insurance. In case of lack of insurance, we can provide one on board.

Once you are on board of the “Jacaré Uno” you will be informed about the place chosen for the dive. The place will be determined by our instructors according to the weather conditions, visibility and the level accredited by the divers. While we move to the indicated place our instructors will go commenting on the most emblematic natural features and values of the dive site.

Once arrived at the immersion point you will be equipped with high quality equipment and we will review the security measures, signs etc. And the divers will descend on the stern platform of the “Jacaré Uno”.

After the guided dive, once again on board of the “Jacaré Uno” you will be offered some soft drinks and snacks and we will be able to discuss using the onboard guides the different species of fish and marine invertebrates observed while we return to Puerto Colón in Costa Adeje. This way we will conclude the adventure of immersion Eco Diving.

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