Adaptive Diving

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Diving is for all

Adaptative diving in Tenerife

Adapted Boat

We are all the same at zero gravity

Learn about conservation and marine life

It Includes:

-All required materials for the activity (mask, wetsuit, jacket…)


-Insurance for adaptative divers


-Guided experience through the Southwest Coast of Tenerife


-Transport by boat to the diving point


-Adapted Diving immersion and full explanation about fauna and conservation.


-Soft drinks and snacks for after-dive recovery and chat 

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2 weeks ago

We start us a client, we continue us a course and we end up as good friends.....great job Oliver, well done it !!!!
Was a real pleasure, Always thanks

2 weeks ago

No words for you dear Sandra....😍
Always thanks and keep waiting for the next!!

Thank you for an incredible day. We felt welcomed from the first seconds of our trip.
For me as a highly handicapped wheelchair user and my companien, diving has never been and felt so accessible and ... See more

3 weeks ago

Feliz día!!! Hoy no solo hemos buceado, en colaboración con el CRFS La Tahonilla y con la presencia de dos de sus veterinarias en prácticas, tuvimos la enorme suerte de poder devolver al mar a ... See more

1 month ago

You make us feel very proud of what we do. Thank you very much and congratulations Klaus!!!!

1 month ago
Especies de Canarias

Increible documento de nuestro amigo Felipe de Especies de Canarias!!

Nadie se lo puede perder


Si los medios de comunicación y las películas te han hecho creer que los tiburones son máquinas de matar, por favor, mira este vídeo y seguramente cambies de opinión.

Dedicado al tiburón ... See more

2 months ago
Especies de Canarias

Enhorabuena por el trabajo realizado Felipe Ravina Olivares ha sido un placer poder participar y colaborar contigo en este fantástico documental.


Esta mañana estuve en el plató de Televisión Canaria hablando sobre "El Suroeste de Tenerife", que SE ESTRENARÁ en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria EL PRÓXIMO VIERNES (Toda ... See more

2 months ago
Timeline Photos

This is what happens with plastics. The plastic in the ocean comes from irresponsible treatment of waste in land. It is not THEM who are irresponsible. It is US! Start with your own home.

Esto es lo ... See more

2 months ago
Photos from Atlantic Eco Diving's post

Ayer, un residente británico en moto de agua nos alertó y nos trajo al barco a una "pequeñaja" (en la foto podéis verla comparada con una mano) que no andaba en buen estado la verdad, sin duda ... See more

3 months ago

No se lo pierdan. Esta tarde en el Centro Cultural de Adeje 20:00. Increible documental de Felipe Ravina de Especies de Canarias!!

3 months ago
Especies de Canarias

Rescate de tortuga en Atlantic Eco Diving

Sigue habiendo criaturas que pagan nuestra indecente indiferencia a la presencia de plásticos en el mar


De camino hacia la primera inmersión con Atlantic Eco Diving, nos encontramos esta triste imagen. Por suerte la encontramos a tiempo, y después de rescatarla fue ... See more

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  • It is necessary to have previous experience and a diving license that credits this experience (dive LOG, PADI titles, FEDAS …).
  • It is highly recomended that if you have special sensitivity to sea sickness, take pills for sea sickness at least half an hour before boarding. The “Jacaré Uno” is a very stable and comfortable boat but there are people with high sensitivity. Do not let anything spoil your experience.
  • Sun protection is highly recommended.
David Novillo

David Novillo

Diving instructor with vast experience. Great connoisseur of the marine environment with great experience in recreational and scientific diving. Founder of the association Oceano Sostenible with great representation in the forums on conservation and biodiversity on the islands.

Guillermo Carrizo

Guillermo Carrizo

Boat skipper and diving instructor with more than thirty years of professional experience in both deep-sea oil platforms and recreational diving in Europe and America.
Passionate about sea life and enthusiastic teacher.

Melania Herrera

Melania Herrera

Licensed in nautics and captain of the merchant marine. Experienced patron of minor vessels. It stands out for its kindness and close treatment with our visitors and its great knowledge of the Canarian marine environment.

Misael Vargas

Misael Vargas

Biologist and PADI instructor with research experience in lemon shark marking.
Great lover of everything related to the marine environment.
Extensive experience as interpretive guide of the marine environment.

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