Discover underwater nature

First contact with the underwater nature

Scuba Diving from boat in Tenerife

First contact with the new underwater experience.

Diving Center in Tenerife

Atlantic Eco Diving is a diving center in Southwest Tenerife. We want to make the difference in order to provide our costumers a remarkable and unforgetable experience. A diving center should not only be a diving school, but a center to learn how to preserve the environment and spread the message of conservation far beyond the limit of our island.

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1 day ago

No se lo pierdan. Esta tarde en el Centro Cultural de Adeje 20:00. Increible documental de Felipe Ravina de Especies de Canarias!!

5 days ago
Especies de Canarias

Rescate de tortuga en Atlantic Eco Diving

Sigue habiendo criaturas que pagan nuestra indecente indiferencia a la presencia de plásticos en el mar


De camino hacia la primera inmersión con Atlantic Eco Diving, nos encontramos esta triste imagen. Por suerte la encontramos a tiempo, y después de rescatarla fue ... See more

1 week ago
Atlantic Eco Experience

Una entrevista de Gracias a Turismo de Tenerife por su apoyo.

#Tenerife #divingwithrespect #whalewatchinwithrespect
#divingforall #divingwithrespect

Some nice interview from Thank you to Visit Tenerife (Turismo de Tenerife) for their support.

1 week ago

El buceo es una actividad que a quién no la hecho nunca le puede parecer un deporte de riesgo. Por eso, queremos dar las gracias a todos los padres que confiaron en el equipo educativo del IES El ... See more

2 weeks ago
La Tortuga Hostel Tenerife

La Tortuga Hostel Tenerife has joined a nice iniciative!!
Save our oceans from one single use plastic. It begins in land with our actions. Always say NO to plastic straws and avoid buying in markets ... See more

Our planet, our ocean and our health are under attack..By humans! Right now an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic – everything from plastic bottles and bags to microbeads – end up in our ... See more

2 weeks ago
Atlantic Eco Diving

Gracias Ulli !!!!!
Blue for All....Diving for All 💪

2 weeks ago
Atlantic Eco Diving

Gracias Ulli !!!!!
Blue for All....Diving for All 💪

2 weeks ago

Gracias Ulli !!!!!
Blue for All....Diving for All 💪

3 weeks ago

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We are located at Puerto Colon (Pantalan 4), in the South-western Coast of Tenerife Island.

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